Monday, August 30, 2010

My Computer Has Been Sick!

Gee whiz! Sorry I've been missing for the past week or more, but got a nasty virus on the office computer and it blocked me out of Blogger, Etsy, everything! Took three days to clean up the mess and restore all 14,000+ registry files it had altered. Word of advice - BE CAREFUL AND DON'T GET A VIRUS! Still not sure exactly where it came from, but neither my firewall nor my internet security caught it before it could do its damage.

But, I am back now and no, I haven't forgotten the pattern for September. I will post it here on Wednesday. And as promised, it is a cutie!

Until then, hope everyone has a good day and the beginning of a fantastic week.


Monday, August 23, 2010

It's Monday, again.

Well, the past week has been anything but boring. Everyone pretty much knows I cleaned out my fabric room and my sewing room. I still have to get Hubby's computer out to the barn and clean out the various and sundry office junk, and then I start on the closet in the bedroom and the laundry room. Don't know why I've been on such a cleaning frenzy lately, but I guess it's always better to do it now than procrastinate and do it later.

Tomorrow is my Mom's birthday, so today I am driving back to Gastonia (North Carolina) to meet her and Pop and my sister and some of their friends from church at Olive Garden for lunch. I'd tell you how old she is, but she'd probably disown me or worse.

Sitting here in staring at the computer is not going to get me where I need to get going today, so until later,

saattaa päivä olla täynnä onnea ja hyviä asioita, (may your day be filled with happiness and good things)

Friday, August 20, 2010

Good Friday Evening.

It is almost done! I have worked for the past five days cleaning out my sewing room and my fabric/stock room. I hauled out 9 boxes of fabric, two odd chairs, various and sundry bits and pieces of this and that, two trash bags of quilt scraps I had saved up, the list goes on and on and on.... I feel like the Energizer Bunny, not stopping. But, now that I have it all cleaned out the fun really begins with getting everything back in its proper place. I also put two new shelving units inside the closet (bi-fold doors on the closet which is wide and long) and am working to get everything situated on the new shelving. Just wanted to let you know that I've made a lot of progress. Throwing out 30 years of sewing was a task I wasn't looking forward to, but now that I've done it, I feel much better and know I'm going to be more organized.

I'm going to try to rest for a day before I dive back in again. But knowing myself as well as I do, I'll be back at it first thing tomorrow morning.

I hope each and every one of you has a fantastic and wonderful weekend!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Happy Monday.

Sorry I've been MIA the past week. Had a lot going on and not feeling well at the same time, had to attend a funeral Friday a.m. and met with dear friends up from the coast on Saturday and Sunday. Not to mention, buying a new sofa and chair, new serger sewing machine, two sewing tables... Now I've got to completely clean out my sewing room and my fabric/stock room to make room for the new stuff. Right now the garage holds nothing but the new stuff and my car is sitting in the ell of the driveway. Sometimes you have to make sacrifices and my Honda is making the ultimate sacrifice. I don't like leaving my car out in the sun and weather.

Once I get my rooms set back up I'm going to list all my Halloween stuff on Etsy. I've already taken all the pictures, now I've just got to make myself sit down and do the dirty work. I probably won't post again, till toward the end of the week, so be patient with me!

I've decided on the freebie pattern for September - a real cutie for Halloween! And no, I'm not telling you what it is just yet. You'll have to wait for it!

může být vaše týdne bude naplněný bohatý dobré věci, (may your week be filled with bountiful good things)

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Happy Tuesday....

Good morning. Sorry I went MIA yesterday, but I just wasn't feeling very well. Everyone has days when they're just not 100% and yesterday I was hanging in at about 60%. I just felt extremely tired and had a headache straight out of Hades. With my medical condition and heart maladies, believe it or not, the mighty Alisa does not always stand tall and straight. Hubby knew I was not up to par when I took a nap before noon. Usually once I'm up, that's it till I hit the pillow around 10:00pm. I feel a little better today, like I have a little more energy, so I'm going to take it one step at a time and not overdo and revert to a repeat of yesterday.

I'm glad everyone is enjoying the free patterns! I've received some nice comments and each and everyone of you is so very welcome! Thanks for becoming followers and just know that I strive everyday to do my best and be a good "friend" to all.

Okay, enough sappy stuff. It's time to take the dog out, feed the cats and get hubby out the door and down to the old barn for another day's work. He's delivering a 1943 Chevy truck to the powder coater's today and has a 52 Ford coming in. Here are a few pictures of his work. These cars were rusty buckets of bolts when he started on them. The three-wheeled trike was made from a Volkswagen. It was a custom make for our neighbor and the lovely lady sitting upon the seat is his daughter, Stephanie.

Well, it's time for me to get off here. Wish me luck that I have a good and fruitful day.

fred, kærlighed og sand lykke til dig (peace, love and true happiness to you)

Friday, August 6, 2010

Happy Weekend!

I was beginning to wonder if Friday would ever get here! My plan for today is still a little sketchy, but I'm definitely going to get some goodies photographed for my Etsy site. Come hail, rain, sleet or snow I'm going to do that today. Then I'll have tomorrow to get it all uploaded and listed. Ain't my life grand?

We had terrible thunderstorms yesterday evening - started around 7:30 and went on till after 10:30. That was the last I remember since the sandman closed my eyes and I went for a nightly visit to Dreamland. And speaking of dreams, I had some strange ones during the night. I dreamed about - take a guess - PRIMITIVES! Imagine that. Hubby says I've been going at it too hard.

Everyone have a great Friday and an even better weekend and we'll catch up on Monday!

być może twój weekend pełen dobrych niespodzianek (may your weekend be filled with good surprises)

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Thursday is here.

Good morning everyone. Just a quick post this morning. I've got my quilt guild today and got to leave in less than an hour. I hope everybody has a most wonderful Thursday. My husband calls Thursday the prelude to the weekend. The day with my neighbor's son went okay. He got on my nerves just a little bit when he serenaded me on the piano for close to 15 minutes. Finally I put the bench back under the piano and closed the lid. He didn't get the message, so I verbally requested he not "play" the piano anymore. He also wanted to take home all of my antique toys and ride my 1940's spring horse. We had a long chat as to why he couldn't ride the horse - my own granddaughter doesn't get to ride the spring horse. Anyway, I doubt very seriously a repeat of yesterday will ever happen again. Hubby says I have a hard time just saying no, and sometimes I do have a hard time. But after yesterday, I can definitely say no.

Ah well, quilt guild awaits. We are learning a new border technique today. From the pictures it's just a pieced border, small nine-patch blocks, but hey, some of the ladies wanted a class so we're going to learn how to do it. Yee-hah.

Mei moyo wako kujazwa na mambo ya ajabu, (May your heart be filled with wonderful things)

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Happy Wednesday....

Good morning friends. This is going to be short this morning since I was asked to watch a very active 7 y/o young man today. His parents are neighbors and good friends, his mom has a Dr.'s appointment and since he can be a little rambunctious at times, I'm going to keep him for a while. Hubby said "good-luck" with a smirk.

I am working on my doll/cloth storage room a little bit today after Mom picks up her son, and if the rain holds out I'm hoping to take some pictures outside at the barn of some prims to be listed on Etsy. We'll wait and see how it goes.

Hope your day is pleasant, beautiful and overall just plain terrific.

قد بلوبيرد زيارة السعادة التي كثيرا ما (May the bluebird of happiness visit you often)

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

This post is going to be short and sweet, just like me! I was up pretty late last night (after 1:00), trying to fix hubby's email. My gosh, men do not like change. He harped for more than 30 minutes because I installed the latest and greatest MS Office 2010. The look of his Outlook "page" had changed, he couldn't find his address book, blah, blah, blah. Oh, the humanity of it all. So.... I put his email back in the old Outlook version. I love him to pieces, we've been together for years, and he is the pure sunshine that runs through my veins, but sometimes he's just a pain in the butt. Men!

Okay, I've vented, my blood pressure has lowered to a reasonable level, and I'm feeling good again. And my coffee cup is empty which tells me it's time to push back the old chair, close this post and get moving. Dear Friend is coming back this afternoon. She just can't get enough of me!

Everyone out there in cyberspace, go out and make those primitives and be fruitful!

Von þinn dagur er allt sem þú þarfnast hennar að vera, (hope your day is everything you need it to be)

Monday, August 2, 2010

Free Pattern for August!

Good morning and happy Monday! I'm posting a little late this morning and not because I slept in. My right hand is numb this morning. I have Reynaud's Phenomenon, which is severe inflammation in the digits of the hands and feet and it is really taking a toll on my right hand today. If there are spelling errors in this post, I humbly apologize.

Went to our pool party Saturday and wouldn't you just know it - it rained the entire time. That was okay, we got wet from the rain instead of the pool. But when you get all us old geysers
together, a good time is to be had by all and we had a blast. And yesterday was glorious temperature wise. It only reached the low eighties with fluffy cloud cover. Today, is cloudy and overcast, but as long as it keeps the temp down, who cares.

Dear friend is coming this afternoon for a visit. I'm dragging her to Rock Hill. I've got a few things I need to get from Staples and she absolutely loves $1 stores, so since there is mighty dollar store conveniently beside Staples, guess where we're going. What she gets out of those things is beyond me. Well, let me rephrase that. I know what she buys - reading glasses (yes, she trusts her eyes to $1.00). She is so funny! We have been friends since the first grade, known each other all these years. Although our tastes and lives have taken us in separate directions, we're still the best of friends.
Now down to business. For August I'm offering a free pattern for "Charles". He is a happy
snowman and has always sold well at shows. He is very easy to make and can be completed in a relatively short time. Go to the bottom of the page and get your free pattern and enjoy. It may still be summer, but I'm already thinking ahead and planning for Christmas. It will be here in just four short months. I'm already stockpiling Christmas presents.

Time has gotten away from me this morning, it's almost 9:30 and I'm still in my jammies. It's time to get in gear and ready for another busy day.

jkollu jum pjaċevoli u produttiv, (have a pleasant and fruitful day)