Friday, August 20, 2010

Good Friday Evening.

It is almost done! I have worked for the past five days cleaning out my sewing room and my fabric/stock room. I hauled out 9 boxes of fabric, two odd chairs, various and sundry bits and pieces of this and that, two trash bags of quilt scraps I had saved up, the list goes on and on and on.... I feel like the Energizer Bunny, not stopping. But, now that I have it all cleaned out the fun really begins with getting everything back in its proper place. I also put two new shelving units inside the closet (bi-fold doors on the closet which is wide and long) and am working to get everything situated on the new shelving. Just wanted to let you know that I've made a lot of progress. Throwing out 30 years of sewing was a task I wasn't looking forward to, but now that I've done it, I feel much better and know I'm going to be more organized.

I'm going to try to rest for a day before I dive back in again. But knowing myself as well as I do, I'll be back at it first thing tomorrow morning.

I hope each and every one of you has a fantastic and wonderful weekend!

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