Friday, August 6, 2010

Happy Weekend!

I was beginning to wonder if Friday would ever get here! My plan for today is still a little sketchy, but I'm definitely going to get some goodies photographed for my Etsy site. Come hail, rain, sleet or snow I'm going to do that today. Then I'll have tomorrow to get it all uploaded and listed. Ain't my life grand?

We had terrible thunderstorms yesterday evening - started around 7:30 and went on till after 10:30. That was the last I remember since the sandman closed my eyes and I went for a nightly visit to Dreamland. And speaking of dreams, I had some strange ones during the night. I dreamed about - take a guess - PRIMITIVES! Imagine that. Hubby says I've been going at it too hard.

Everyone have a great Friday and an even better weekend and we'll catch up on Monday!

być może twój weekend pełen dobrych niespodzianek (may your weekend be filled with good surprises)

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