Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Happy Tuesday....

Good morning. Sorry I went MIA yesterday, but I just wasn't feeling very well. Everyone has days when they're just not 100% and yesterday I was hanging in at about 60%. I just felt extremely tired and had a headache straight out of Hades. With my medical condition and heart maladies, believe it or not, the mighty Alisa does not always stand tall and straight. Hubby knew I was not up to par when I took a nap before noon. Usually once I'm up, that's it till I hit the pillow around 10:00pm. I feel a little better today, like I have a little more energy, so I'm going to take it one step at a time and not overdo and revert to a repeat of yesterday.

I'm glad everyone is enjoying the free patterns! I've received some nice comments and each and everyone of you is so very welcome! Thanks for becoming followers and just know that I strive everyday to do my best and be a good "friend" to all.

Okay, enough sappy stuff. It's time to take the dog out, feed the cats and get hubby out the door and down to the old barn for another day's work. He's delivering a 1943 Chevy truck to the powder coater's today and has a 52 Ford coming in. Here are a few pictures of his work. These cars were rusty buckets of bolts when he started on them. The three-wheeled trike was made from a Volkswagen. It was a custom make for our neighbor and the lovely lady sitting upon the seat is his daughter, Stephanie.

Well, it's time for me to get off here. Wish me luck that I have a good and fruitful day.

fred, kærlighed og sand lykke til dig (peace, love and true happiness to you)


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