Thursday, August 5, 2010

Thursday is here.

Good morning everyone. Just a quick post this morning. I've got my quilt guild today and got to leave in less than an hour. I hope everybody has a most wonderful Thursday. My husband calls Thursday the prelude to the weekend. The day with my neighbor's son went okay. He got on my nerves just a little bit when he serenaded me on the piano for close to 15 minutes. Finally I put the bench back under the piano and closed the lid. He didn't get the message, so I verbally requested he not "play" the piano anymore. He also wanted to take home all of my antique toys and ride my 1940's spring horse. We had a long chat as to why he couldn't ride the horse - my own granddaughter doesn't get to ride the spring horse. Anyway, I doubt very seriously a repeat of yesterday will ever happen again. Hubby says I have a hard time just saying no, and sometimes I do have a hard time. But after yesterday, I can definitely say no.

Ah well, quilt guild awaits. We are learning a new border technique today. From the pictures it's just a pieced border, small nine-patch blocks, but hey, some of the ladies wanted a class so we're going to learn how to do it. Yee-hah.

Mei moyo wako kujazwa na mambo ya ajabu, (May your heart be filled with wonderful things)

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