Sunday, July 25, 2010

Blessed Sunday is Here!

Good morning all. Hope this day brings all the joy and happiness your hearts can stand. As for me, I'm up early, ready and raring to go. Already on coffee #2, been out with the dog, let the cats in, checked my tomatoes and blooey! Deer have come in the night and munched. About half the tomatoes on the upper vines have those perfect teeth marks, bitten through the middle of those succulent tomatoes. I'm a little disgusted. But, I guess deer gotta eat too, but why they have to dine on MY tomatoes is a mystery. There's a perfectly good cornfield right next door to our property, its stalks high and loaded with juicy, sweet corn. I think I'll put a sign on my tomatoes that says, "free corn buffet, turn now".

It was 100 degrees here yesterday with a heat index of 105. It was absolutely miserable. I made the mistake of deciding to walk down to the mailbox for a little break and exercise yesterday. By the time I made it back and opened the kitchen door, the cold air conditioning hit my glasses and I had instant fog, my hair was damp, and overall, I felt drained. I don't see how hubby works in that barn all day, welding and grinding, and bending metal. I would absolutely suffocate. Machine shops aren't meant to be cool, classy or even clean for that matter, or so hubby says. But he enjoys it, makes a pretty decent living at it, and hey, it keeps him out of the house and my hair 8-10 hours a day. I'll upload some of the old classic cars he's restored sometime. It's amazing how they come in here looking like a rusty bucket and leave out of here looking showroom shiny
and brand spanking new.

Ah well, gonna work on some patterns today. The pic is the new doll I was working on earlier this week. I finally got her finished, I just forgot to upload the pic. Darn, my coffee cup is empty again. Time for a refill, for me to get my fanny in gear and hit the ground running. My life never slows down.

Auf Wiedersehen und einen schönen Tag ,
(goodbye and have a great day)

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