Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Good Morning, Ya'll.

Heavens, I'm late this morning. I slept in till almost 8:00. Don't know what's wrong with me, unless I was just simply pooped last night. Hubby woke me up two different times, said I was snoring and would I please roll over. LOL. I don't snore often, but when I do, apparently, I can shake the rafters.

Keep your fingers crossed and say a prayer for hubby today. He is meeting with a potential new client today, a custom furniture manufacturer, about making custom stainless steel furniture for a new Atlanta showroom. If all goes well, this will be a long term contract. Hubby will essentially make the original piece, showroom perfect of course, then the following pieces will be made on a "designer order" basis on a production line. The furniture itself isn't very attractive to me, it's neo-modern, very upscale. But I like old chipped furniture, flaking paint, missing knobs, etc. Yeah, my house is an eclectic mix of antiques passed down through the family and modern pieces I have repainted and beat with a hammer so they look as old as the antiques. But what do I know?! Some people like it, some people don't.

I completed another pattern yesterday, and just as I was beginning to list it on Etsy, a storm came up out of nowhere, severe thunder and lightning, so I shut down the computer and pretty much prepared for the worst. As hubby's brother-in-law says, "the sky looks like it's gonna clabber up and buttermilk". Good thing we were having hamburgers for dinner last night because we did lose power for a while. The natural gas grill on the patio did a fine job of cooking those fat, juicy burgers. Yum.
Anyway, here's the picture of the completed pattern. Please meet Pumpkin Head and Raven.
BTW, I won't be posting until later tomorrow, if at all. My mom's transmission bit the dust in her Buick. She needs to go a few places, grocery store, pharmacy, etc., and since my Stepdad has a doctor's appointment in Charlotte, I volunteered to drive up (1 hour drive) and take her where she needs to go. She absolutely hates the feeling of being stranded. The good thing is, she and "Pop" are car hunting. Pop is the ultimate man - he will pick out which car they buy, he will decide how much to pay, and he'll tell her exactly how she's supposed to drive it. I love the old guy, but he would drive me nuts.

Well, I guess it's time for me to get moving and my fanny in gear this morning. I hope everyone has a beautiful, wonderful day and that you accomplish what you set out to do.

Дано ви ден е изпълнен с хубави неща , (hope your day is filled with good things)

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