Friday, July 30, 2010


I was starting to think Friday was never going to get here. I thought the high heat temps had maybe melted Fridays for all eternity. On the news last evening the weatherman said with the humidity levels and dew point, at times the temperature was close to 106! When I got home from Mom's yesterday, I looked like an overcooked, limp noodle. My hair had lost it's bounce, my mascara had turned to a muddy substance that had smudged under my eyes and I had sweat trails starting at the temples and running down the sides of my face. I looked pretty rough, worn out and just overall blech! I gave my car's air-conditioning a run for it's money yesterday and I still came home looking like something the cat had dragged home (half-eaten lizard, hind quarters of a mole, and once a dead koi fish that the neighbor always wondered what had happened to it, need I say more?).

Enough complaining. I'm looking at a somewhat fruitful day. Got things to do in the house for the weekend. i.e. mopping the kitchen and bathrooms, emptying trash cans, changing the sheets, normal house-cleaning stuff. And tomorrow it's "Pool Party" with our bestest friends in the whole wide world. Gotta come up with some finger foods that won't spoil in the heat to eat poolside. Do 50+ people eat PB&J? Just asking. Also gotta shimmy into a bathing suit, may God help me and my friends. Got two new ones, both black, after all black is supposed to be slimming, just got to figure out which one doesn't show the excess belly fat and cellulite. But you know what? At this age, who cares! We don't stay young forever, fat happens, cellulite happens, just like menopause, it's one of those things that, once it's there, you never get rid of it.

Thanks so much for your thoughts and prayers about hubby getting the contract with the furniture manufacturer. He got the contract and materials are being ordered as I write this.

Well, it's that time again. It's time for me to get a start on my day and hopefully it will be a productive one for you and me.

Till våra vägar kors igen, (till our paths cross again)

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