Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Good Tuesday Morning

Hello all, hope you are having a pleasant and productive day. It's a little before seven and I've already been up nearly an hour. Yeah, I know, I'm a morning person. Hubby is definitely not. He says my feet hit the floor and a smile just automatically registers across my face. He's lived with me all these years and has survived it and I'm not planning on leaving this old earth anytime real soon. He's generally not good till around 9:00 am and even then, sometimes, it's a stretch.

I have a lot of things on my plate this week. I'm working on another pattern for a Halloween make-do, have a new quilt class coming up on Thursday, trying to get things listed on Etsy, need to weed the flower garden (just a little too hot for that), going to a pool party at a neighbor's this Saturday, whew! It's no wonder I fall into bed at night. Oh, I failed to mention catching up on laundry, cleaning the house, a veterinarian appointment.... My life never stops. But would I trade it? Heck no.

I hate rude people. A woman broke in the check-out line in front of me at Harris Teeter yesterday. She actually had the nerve to turn around and smile at me and shrug. The appropriate thing to do would have been to say "I'm sorry, were you here first?" But no, she turned around and actually smiled, like everything was perfectly okay and normal. I bit my tongue to keep from saying anything, but I was steaming. The cashier, Dawn, apologized profusely like it was her fault. I reassured her it was none of her doing, just the rudeness of others and a total lack of respect. People!

Okay, I'm done complaining. It's time to get in gear and get my day going for real. So many treats in store today.

Mag die son skyn van die lewe op julle, (may the sunshine of life shine upon you)

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