Sunday, July 18, 2010

Free Stitchery!

It is a beautiful Sunday here in SC, the sun is trying to break through the clouds, it's not too hot just yet and so far, it's been a great day! This is my first blog post and, hopefully, will not be my last for many moons to come! If you love primitives as much as I do, or if you're into the Handmade Lifestyle, just like I am, then you'll want to visit often. For my first post I am offering a free stitchery pattern for your enjoyment. This is just a small sample of what's to come! Enjoy and please come back and visit often!
Just right click and choose Save As.

Have a beautiful day,


  1. Hey !!! Nice Blog !!!! Something has happened and I can't bookmark like I used to. AOL (or A.O.HELL) has downloaded a new version and it took out my entire 75 bookmarks !!!! Now I can't find NOTHING !! And if I TRY to bookmark doesn't save it. I'm gonna have to save this to my email inbox so I can come back here and post more.
    I wanted to make a few comments about your artwork...its all GREAT !! I love it !! Especially the HALLOWEEN stuff !!! I can't wait until fall !! Looking forward to coming back to see you soon !!! Got to get to bed now. Its almost 6 in the morning and my eyes are so tired I can't see. LOL !!
    Kisses !!

  2. Thank you so much Linda Lulu!

  3. What a great stitchery Alisa. Thank you so much for sharing this with us.
    Love your blog.
    Prim Blessings,

  4. Cheri, you are so very welcome and thanks for the nice words. It's so refreshing and fun to hear comments from other Prim makers and lovers.